Unprecedented mechanism of sound emission,

while following a conventional technology for the loudspeakers ―――

――― Acoustic Neo-Paradise Half One

Many conventional loudspeakers have as their ideal "a infinitely small breathing ball" namely "a spherical wave", and the realization of this ideal is perhaps a challenge.
The driving force for this challenge are a non-divided oscillation in the oscillating system and a linear-oscillating motion.
We put specific processing of extracting a non-linear motion and a non-spherical wave to a loudspeaker unit and succeeded in getting "the energy of the rich sound like an acoustic musical instrument".

Non-Linear Motion, Non-Spherical Wave

Half-One has been realized them by modifying the conventional loudspeaker unit to our original mechanism of sound emission.
Additionally, there is no enclosure(cabinet) and no horn which are neccessary for conventional loudspeakers to obtain the spherical wave.

Your listening room would be filled with rich sounds, from bass to treble, falling like brilliant rays.

It resounds over a wide range (bass in the vertical direction and the mid treble at 40-degrees to the horizontal) which is difficult to imagine from its appearance.

High-sound area Low-sound area

Half One

Conventional loudspeaker


The reason why Half One plays a fresh sound is that the voice coil, which is the basis of sound emission, is completely exposed.
In other words, in all loudspeakers except for ribbon and condenser types, the voice coil fits entirely within a magnetic circuit and therefore is not exposed at all, but we have freed the voice coil to the exterior.

And another reason why Half One is quite excellent is thet its transients are close to operation of ribbon and condenser types in the medium and high sound range.
In normal designs, the voice coil is enclosed in a type of pot, but it can get a characteristic like the conventional winding structure by leaving a magnetic circuit open.


Half One rapidly loses its energy below the lowest resonance frequency, due to its lack of enclosure, when compared with loudspeakers of the same vibration area.
However, it can produce the same transients as the musical instruments because it is not affected by a braking performance specifically found with enclosures.

Half One is custom-made on your special order.
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